Bravo CMS: your website starts here!

What is Bravo CMS?

Bravo CMS is a easy to use Content Management System that allows you to create and manage your website

Stop fancy templates! (The importance of the standards)

Why use weird php-like templates when exists a simple, standard, XSL language that allows the complete separation from the code and the presentation?
We really care about standards and we want to make your life easier by them.

Why spend more?

Bravo CMS saves your money. Are you going to create your first website, but your hosting does ask you too much money to activate MySQL?
Bravo CMS is what you need. If you have a little, just started website, with low traffic you could don't need MySQL. It would be like to buy a truck to parking in the center.
The real solution for you is SQLite. It does not cost you anything, it does exactly what you need, and if one day your website will be grown up so much to require MySQL, you can easily pass to it just changing a settings on Bravo CMS.